Jan-Niclas Weiglein ist der Gründer von Mr Handsome

My path to natural cosmetics

Hey Handsome! I'm Jan, the founder of MR HANDSOME. In this post you will learn more about my founding story, how natural cosmetics for men has changed my life for the better and what mission I purs...
handsome deutsch bedeutung

What does the word Handsome mean in German?

You wonder what the word "Handsome" means in German and what exactly our name MR HANDSOME stands for? In this article we explain it to you!
Wofür steht MR HANDSOME?

What does MR HANDSOME stand for?

MR HANDSOME is the modern and sustainable lifestyle destination for natural men's care and natural cosmetics for men from European niche brands. Learn more about our values and principles here.
Was macht dich zu MR HANDSOME?

What makes you MR HANDSOME?

What way of life does MR HANDSOME embody? What ideals, convictions and character traits shape his actions? Find out what MR HANDSOME stands for and whether you are also like MR HANDSOME!