Was macht dich zu MR HANDSOME? - MR HANDSOME

What makes you MR HANDSOME?

What way of life does MR HANDSOME embody? What ideals, convictions and character traits shape his actions? Find out what MR HANDSOME stands for and whether you are also like MR HANDSOME!

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  • MR HANDSOME strives for individual realization
  • He is a trendsetter, although - or just because - he doesn't care much about trends
  • MR HANDSOME does not wear sunglasses on his profile picture
  • He lives in the here and now, without ever losing sight of the future.
  • In his actions he is always aware of his responsibility for environment and society
  • MR HANDSOME carefully chooses the care products he uses for his face, body and hair. He pays attention to quality and aesthetics
  • MR HANDSOME is authentic, original and charming
  • He is a true original
  • MR HANDSOME has a fresh, yet timeless look
  • He may impress you in a conversation with quotes from "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. He likes the book better than the movie
  • MR HANDSOME is professionally successful, but career is far from being the most important thing in his life.
  • He always does his own thing - the Mr Handsome way
  • MR HANDSOME can cook
  • He enjoys a cup of coffee in a Parisian café as much as a Maß Bier at the Oktoberfest
  • MR HANDSOME is an excellent lover and makes his partners playfully happy.
  • His friendships are characterized by loyalty, trust and longevity.
  • MR HANDSOME embodies self-confident ease and is a male style icon of our time.