What does MR HANDSOME stand for?

MR HANDSOME is the modern and sustainable lifestyle destination for natural men's care and natural cosmetics for men from European niche brands. Learn more about our values and principles here.

MR HANDSOME wants to be your favorite site for natural and conscious men's care and has much more to offer than an ordinary online store. We don't just sell products, but offer complete care sets with instructions for different skin types and care needs with our MR HANDSOME boxes. In addition, every man can playfully put together his own care routine with our MR HANDSOME quiz.

We want as many men as possible to find a natural skin care routine that suits them at an attractive price without having to spend a lot of time searching. In addition, we want to help our customers practice a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

To achieve our goals, we focus on the following three factors in particular:

High-quality men's care from Europe

Practiced climate and environmental protection

Entrepreneurial self-determination

High-quality men's grooming from Europe

We specifically focus on small to medium-sized producers from Europe who consciously and passionately produce their products themselves. We have summarized the most important key figures of our handpicked and diverse assortment for you:

Over 40% of our products are certified natural and/or organic cosmetics.

Almost 90% of our products are produced vegan

100% of our products are Made in Europe

Climate and environmental protection

In addition to the cooperative partnership with our small to medium-sized producers, MR HANDSOME places special emphasis on climate and environmental protection. We take various measures to make our shipping and packaging materials in particular as sustainable as possible. Therefore, we ship our products exclusively in fully recyclable shipping boxes and plant more trees together with our partner Packhelp than our shipping boxes consume. As a start-up company, we are thus making a valuable contribution to reforestation and to a more livable and greener planet. We are happy to bear the additional costs incurred for this out of conviction.

We are also fully committed to sustainability within our shipping cartons. We only use biodegradable wood wool as filling material for a stable and safe transport. For our environmentally friendly information flyers, we make a CO2 offset payment with every order and have them printed exclusively on environmentally friendly paper. In addition, we ship all orders climate-neutrally with DHL GoGreen.

We want to make it clear that ecological commitment at MR HANDSOME is not just a marketing gimmick, but lived practice.

Entrepreneurial self-determination

MR HANDSOME is a somewhat different online store in many respects. As a completely self-financed startup, we work exclusively with equity capital and operate in a particularly prudent and sustainable manner. We work exclusively with trusted business partners from Europe and make our entrepreneurial decisions independently and self-determined.

MR HANDSOME's journey has just begun and we look forward to many supporters and companions who share our values and beliefs. Join us and rethink men's grooming!