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Organic Facial Scrub | Exfoliant visage

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✔ Thoroughly frees the skin from flakes and blackheads, tightens and moisturizes the skin

Certified organic cosmetics with 98.90% ingredients of natural origin and 54.50% ingredients from controlled organic farming

✔ Vegan formulation

✔ Handmade in France

Volume: 75 ml

Suitable for: Sensitive, dryness-prone skin as well as normal combination skin

Durability: About six months after first usage

Packaging: Recyclable aluminum tube

Fragrance: essential oils of cedar, bergamot and juniper berries provide a subtle scent reminiscent of an escape to the forest and nature

Organic face scrub with ground walnut shells deeply cleanses the skin and effectively removes dead skin cells and blackheads. It produces a slight skin tightening effect and makes the skin feel smooth and soft after each application. A facial peel increases the penetration and thus the effectiveness of the subsequently applied care products and should be integrated into every care routine once or twice a week. In addition to its exfoliating properties, this natural scrub adds suppleness and moisture to the skin, making it particularly suitable for sensitive and dry skin.

Key ingredients in this organic facial scrub include:

1. organic cypress flower water: tightens tissues and purifies skin with detoxifying properties.

2. ground walnut shells: ensure a particularly gentle as well as effective exfoliation without the risk of irritation.

3. organic aloe vera juice: develops soothing and moisturizing properties and promotes the natural regeneration of the skin

4. vegetable glycerin: moisturizes the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft

5. shea butter: moisturizes the skin, revitalizes the tissue and promotes the skin's natural elasticity

6. organic sesame vegetable oil: has a regenerating and softening effect and is rich in natural antioxidants

7. plant charcoal acts as a natural and effective detox agent. It rids the skin of harmful toxins and absorbs bacteria responsible for impurities.

How to use

The facial scrub is used once or twice a week. Take an approximately walnut-sized amount of the facial scrub from the tube and carefully massage it into the skin. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Can also be used in the shower.

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