Shower Combo à la Bûcheron

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Shower Combo à la Bûcheron

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Woody fragrance with notes of eucalyptus, black spruce and a hint of geranium

✔ Filled in a robust aluminium bottle with high-quality pump dispenser. Recyclable and reusable

✔ Natural shower gel for body, face and beard with 99.5% ingredients of natural origin

✔ Vegan formulation. Made in France

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Volume: 250 ml 

Area of application: 3-in-1 cleansing gel for body, beard and face

Fragrance: Woody fragrance with notes of eucalyptus, black spruce and a hint of geranium

It is the encounter of a troubled man who loves life in the city with the authenticity of wild nature that gave rise to the shower combination "À la bûcheron". Tired of the incessant hustle and bustle of the big city, this former careerist took refuge in the depths of the woods to spend quiet days. There, lulled by the sound of the wind in the pines and beguiled by the face of fox-red squirrels on the moss, he created THE indispensable treatment for all forest nostalgics.

Thanks to the "A la bûcheron" shower combination, you are doing something for the environment (and for your favourite forest). The 250 ml aluminium bottle can be refilled endlessly. The ideal format for adventurers who want to retreat to the remotest regions of the planet for long weeks.

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