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German soap holder | Shower & sink

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✔ Soap holder with high performance suction cup and extra strong magnet

✔ Allows soaps and solid shampoos to float on the wall and dry after each use

✔ For a plastic-free, modern and chic shower enclosure.

✔ Made in Germany

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The Made in Germany soap holder by Savont is a super practical gimmick for your shower cubicle and lets your favorite soap float effortlessly on the wall so that it can dry properly after use. The soap holder is made in Germany and features an extra strong magnet as well as a heavy-duty suction cup for an extra stable and durable hold. The suction cup adheres to all smooth surfaces, is extremely small with a diameter of 34mm and holds soaps weighing up to 150g. Since the soaps and solid shampoos in our house usually weigh 100g, the Savont soap holder is the ideal solution for you. The suction cup can be removed and reused over and over again and attaches completely without drilling or gluing. An all-around clean thing!

With the Savont soap holder you pave the way for a plastic-free, practical and stylish shower cubicle. If needed, you can also attach two or even three side by side to cover all areas of your care products in the shower. Body soaps, exfoliating soaps and solid shampoos can be easily hung on it and from now on float nobly on the wall, dry perfectly and are always at hand.

How to set it up

Gently press the magnetic soap holder, which looks like a crown cap, into the wet soap bar after the first use of the soap or solid shampoo and then hang the soap on the magnet. This way you'll always have a plastic-free and sustainable shower stall!

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