2-in-1 Gesichtstoner & Aftershave | Face Tonic - Green + the Gent
2-in-1 Gesichtstoner & Aftershave | Face Tonic - Green + the Gent
2-in-1 Gesichtstoner & Aftershave | Face Tonic - Green + the Gent

Green + the Gent

2-in-1 Face Tonic & Aftershave

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bdih cosmos organic biokosmetik zertifikat


✔ Moisturizes, soothes after shaving and tones the skin

✔ Certified Organic Skincare

✔ Vegan formulation

✔ Made in Germany

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Content: 100 ml

Suitable for: Tired and stressed skin and sensitive skin prone to dryness.

Area of application: facial care step 2 (facial toner).

GREEN + THE GENT stands for high-quality men's care Made in Germany in the distinctive dark green bottle. The facial tonic in certified organic quality can also be used excellently as an aftershave and has a fine, spicy scent of gin. The tonic is a very good conclusion to the daily facial cleansing and prepares you optimally for steps 3 and 4 of the Mr Handsome facial care. The high aloe vera content ensures very good moisturization and prevents the occurrence of skin irritations. Anti-inflammatory and astringent active ingredients lead to a pleasant soothing of the facial skin and have skin tightening properties. The organic spirit of wine contained in the product also ensures thorough cleansing and removes excess oil from the skin. A luxurious product with a wide range of uses.

How to use

Apply daily after facial cleansing (facial care step 1) or shaving. We recommend using a cotton pad for toner application. Moisten the cotton pad with some facial toner and go over the face thoroughly with it. Alternatively, you can rub a small amount of toner into your hands and then gently "pat" it into the skin.

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Meet the founder

Lust auf Startup?

Ich bin Jan und der Gründer von MR HANDSOME. Wenn Du Lust hast, ein inhabergeführtes Startup aus Deutschland zu unterstützen, dann bist Du hier genau richtig!

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