Sulphur Soap | Anti-Acne Soap
Handgefertigte Schwefelseife mit Teebaumöl und Lorbeer
Sulphur Soap | Anti-Acne Soap
Sulphur Soap | Anti-Acne Soap


Sulphur Soap | Anti-Acne Soap

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Anti Pickel Serum für Männer Eigenschaften und Vorteile

✔ Sebum-regulating action soap for cleansing very oily and acne-prone skin

✔ Specially designed for men with stubborn blemishes and back acne

✔ Sulphur-based active ingredients reduce the risk of a "rebound effect

✔ ✔ Made by hand in France

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Content: 100 g

Area of application: Body care (In the shower)

Scent: Tea tree

If you suffer from very oily and acne-prone skin, then our sulphur soap is an absolute must-have for you! The effective sulphur-based soap with tea tree oil and laurel ensures deep pore cleansing and combats stubborn impurities, spots and blackheads. The sulphur soap inhibits the spread of the bacteria responsible for acne, reduces the risk of a rebound effect on your problem skin and can also be conveniently used to cleanse the face. Designed for daily use.

What is sulphur soap good for?

Sulphur soap is used especially for cleansing oily and blemish-prone skin and is also very suitable for cleansing problem skin with acne. Sulphur has a deep cleansing, balancing and mattifying effect on the skin. Clogged skin pores are deeply cleansed of excess skin oil and dirt deposits. Sulphur soap inhibits the spread of bacteria responsible for pimples and acne, refines the skin texture and ensures a clear and matt complexion.

How to use your sulphur soap

1. Use daily to cleanse sensitive problem skin with acne, eczema and rosacea

2. Moisten the face or the part of the body to which the soap is to be applied with lukewarm water

3. Rub the soap over the skin to produce a lather

4. Massage the foam into the area to be treated in a circular motion to increase its effectiveness

5. dDy the affected skin area properly after use. It is best to use a fresh towel!

6. Dry the soap thoroughly after use, e.g. with a handkerchief. If you use the soap on your face, be sure to use a toner afterwards to normalize the pH of the skin and then apply your face cream.

7. Make sure to put on a fresh T-shirt or undershirt afterwards.

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