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Mi Rebotica

Organic Sulfur Soap | Anti-Acne Soap

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✔ Sebum-regulating action soap for cleansing very oily and acne-prone skin

✔ Specially designed for men with stubborn blemishes and back acne

✔ Sulfur-based active ingredients reduce the risk of a "rebound effect

✔ Handcrafted produced in the in-house cosmetics production of Mi Rebotica in Spain

Content: 100 g

Area of application: Body care (In the shower)

If you are affected by very oily and acne-prone skin, then the handmade organic sulfur soap from Mi Rebotica is an absolute must-have for you! The high-quality effect soap based on sulfur with mild surfactants and aloe vera provides a pore-deep cleaning and effectively fights stubborn impurities, pimples and blackheads! The sulfur soap prevents a rebound effect of your problem skin and can conveniently also be used for cleaning the face. The soothing effect provides the long desired relief from redness and itching caused by acne and rosacea. Aloe vera also supports the natural regeneration of the skin and provides it with protection and moisture. Designed for daily use.

How to use

1. use daily to cleanse sensitive problem skin with acne, eczema and rosacea

2. moisten the face or the part of the body to which the soap is to be applied with lukewarm water

3. rub the soap over the skin and between the hands to obtain a lather

4. massage the foam into the area to be treated in a circular motion to increase its effectiveness

5. dry the affected skin area properly after use. It is best to use a fresh towel!

6. dry the soap thoroughly after use, e.g. with a handkerchief. If you use the soap on your face, be sure to use a toner afterwards to normalize the pH of the skin and then apply your face cream.

7. if you use the soap on your body, be sure to put on a fresh T-shirt or undershirt afterwards.

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