Naturkosmetik Handcreme - MR HANDSOME
Naturkosmetik Handcreme - MR HANDSOME
Naturkosmetik Handcreme - MR HANDSOME
Naturkosmetik Handcreme - MR HANDSOME


Handsome Hand Cream | Certified Natural

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ecocert cosmos natural zertifizierte naturkosmetik


✔ Provides dry hands with intensive and long-lasting moisture

✔ Absorbs super quickly and protects the skin from moisture loss

✔ Odorless hand cream for men in certified natural cosmetics with 99% ingredients of natural origin.

✔ Vegan formulation. Made in EU

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Volume: 290 ml

Area of application: Hand care

Suitable for: Dry hands, chapped hands, sensitive skin

Our Handsome Hand Cream with 99% ingredients of natural origin provides dry and chapped hands with intensive and long-lasting moisture. The hand cream was specially developed for men, has a very subtle as well as neutral scent and is absorbed super fast and without residue into the skin. Shea butter intensively moisturizes the skin and provides a pleasant and soft skin feeling. Cocoa butter improves the skin's own elasticity for a natural anti-aging effect and prevents shriveled and wrinkled hands. Vitamin E helps maintain the skin's natural barrier and protects it from harmful environmental effects caused by free radicals.

Several studies show that women pay a lot of attention to the hands of men. Well-groomed and attractive hands contribute enormously to your outer appearance and convey a strong sense of self-care and health. With our Handsome Hand Cream in the super economical 290 ml format you bring your hands safely and well cared for through autumn and winter and do not have to shy away from any touch!

mr handsome gründer jan-niclas weiglein

Meet the founder

Lust auf Startup?

Ich bin Jan und der Gründer von MR HANDSOME. Wenn Du Lust hast, ein inhabergeführtes Startup aus Deutschland zu unterstützen, dann bist Du hier genau richtig!

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Wir sind der Überzeugung, dass kein Mann Pflegeprodukte aus Übersee braucht, die mit enormen CO2-Belastungen per Schiff oder Flugzeug importiert werden. Wir halten die Bezugswege gerne kurz und setzen auf europäische Vielfalt und Qualität.