Handsome Soap Box + Gratis Seifenhalter - MR HANDSOME
Handsome Soap Box + Gratis Seifenhalter - MR HANDSOME


Handsome Soap Box + Free Soap Holder

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✔ Our most popular soaps for an environmentally friendly shower cubicle without plastic

✔ Free soap holder Made in Germany for perfect drying of soaps without gluing or drilling

✔ Authentic natural soaps from the finest niche brands in Europe

✔ Handcrafted in France and Ireland

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Want to switch your home shower cubicle to eco-friendly zero waste products and stock up directly on the finest lather pieces from Europe? Then our Handsome Soap Box with soap holder is the perfect way to get started!

Our Handsome Soap Box contains six absolute best-selling soaps from selected manufacturers in France and Ireland, as well as a practical soap holder that attaches in seconds without gluing or drilling. So you can always dry these six delicacies ideally and let them "float" in the shower cubicle.

You get the following soaps (6x 100g):

Clean Hugs: Fiere Allure (body soap with lemon & peppermint) and Vaillant (exfoliating soap with tea tree oil and eucalyptus).

The Black Stuff: Atlantic Pine Tar (black detox soap) and Citrus Cedarwood Scrub (fruity exfoliating soap).

Sapiens: Wild Forest (body soap with fresh scent) and Cedar Roots (body soap with activated charcoal)

The practical soap holder by Savont from German production worth 7€ is free of charge!
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Lust auf Startup?

Ich bin Jan und der Gründer von MR HANDSOME. Wenn Du Lust hast, ein inhabergeführtes Startup aus Deutschland zu unterstützen, dann bist Du hier genau richtig!

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