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What's Yer Poison | Limited Edition

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✔ Limited edition for Saint Patrick's Day with an extra rough skin feel

✔ With black beer, cider and pine tar

Smoky, masculine fragrance

✔ Handmade in the soap kitchen of The Black Stuff in Ireland

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Volume: 150g

Scent: Smoky with a hint of danger

This limited edition, together with its companion soap "The Shamrock Saint", tells the true story of St Patrick. Both soaps start with a similar base, but could hardly be more different in the end. Where one is smooth, the other is rough. Where one is harsh, the other is sweet.

"What's Yer Poison" is Irish slang for "What do you like to drink?". This soap is inspired by the cult drink Snakebite, a mixture of cider and beer. Snakebit was once an illegal way to get into the right mood.

This soap represents the once industrious nature pagans of Ireland who worked with their hands to earn a living. They were converted and civilised by Catholic 'saints' like Patrick. Not many people realise this, but St Patrick was never actually canonised and was originally from England. Nevertheless, St Patrick's Day is now a wonderful celebration of Irish culture worldwide and the favourite holiday of Irish people around the world.

Whats Yer Poison is one of The Black Stuff's most interesting fragrances. The vetiver creates a strong smoky, earthy base that is complemented by the black pepper oil and pine tar. The juniper oil and peppermint oil combine to create a sweet opening scent that perfectly complements the deeper, earthier, smokier and more complex base notes.

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