Imperium | Atlaszeder & Rhassoul-Erde - MR HANDSOME
Imperium | Atlaszeder & Rhassoul-Erde - MR HANDSOME
Imperium | Atlaszeder & Rhassoul-Erde - MR HANDSOME


Imperium Body Soap

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✔ Earthy-masculine soap with Atlas cedar, Rhassoul earth and cypress

✔ Particularly nourishing soap with a distinctly soft skin feel, especially for dry skin

✔ 100% ingredients of natural origin and 74.68% ingredients from certified organic farming

✔ Vegan and without animal testing. Made by hand in France

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Volume: 100g

Scent: Earthy, masculine

A soap like a kingdom - powerful, majestic and timeless. That is why it bears the name Imperium which is german for "empire". With its noble blend of Rhassoul clay, Atlas cedarwood and cypress, Imperium transports you to the untouched forests of an ancient kingdom where strength and tranquillity reign. This soap is an ode to the unwavering power of nature and to men who are determined to take command of their well-being and radiance.

Specially formulated for dry skin, Imperium provides deep moisturizing care that not only nourishes but also revitalizes your skin. Imperium produces luscious clouds of lather with a high degree of superfatting for maximum comfort and suppleness on the skin. The carefully selected oils of Atlas Cedar and Cypress work together with the mineral-rich Rhassoul clay to soothe and nourish dry skin with essential nutrients. Each element in Imperium has been chosen to strengthen and protect your skin barrier to keep you feeling safe and comfortable throughout the day.

Imperium is not just a cleanser, it's a ritual that transports you to a world of sovereignty and confidence with every shower. Elevate your grooming to an act of self-determination - with Imperium.

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