Matte Cream | Crème Coiffante - Tonsor & Cie.
Matte Cream | Crème Coiffante - Tonsor & Cie.
Matte Cream | Crème Coiffante - Tonsor & Cie.

Tonsor & Cie.

Matte Cream | Styling Cream

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✔ Mattifying hair cream with extra strong hold for reliable fixation of the hair

✔ Gloss effect: 1 out of 5 (no shine, as mattifying). Fixation strength: 4 out of 5 (very strong hold)

✔ Water-soluble consistency for particularly easy wash-out

✔ Made in France

Volume: 100 ml

Area of application: Hair styling

The hair wax from Tonsor & Cie. with natural beeswax convinces with an extra strong hold and a shine-free finish for daily hair styling. The creamy and non-greasy texture allows a particularly easy application of the hair cream and brings your hair easily into the desired shape. The water-soluble cream washes out easily without leaving any residue and offers maximum comfort during application.

The hair cream concentrates all the benefits of natural beeswax, its main ingredient. The non-greasy and non-sticky texture coats the hair fiber and helps it take shape. The hair becomes structured and voluminous. Beeswax also has recognized moisturizing properties and protects the hair fiber from external influences or the effects of styling.

How to use

Rub an approximately hazelnut-sized amount of the hair cream into your palms and style freshly washed, almost dry hair until the desired shape is achieved.

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