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Monsieur Barbier

Anti-Aging Aftershave | Après Rasage

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✔ Soothes and tones the skin after shaving

✔ Prevents razor burn and skin irritation

✔ Vegan formulation with 98% natural ingredients

✔ Made in France

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Volume: 75 ml

Suitable for: Wet shave with anti-aging effect

Area of application: shaving step 3 (aftershave)

Did you know that razor blades remove not only hair, but also dead skin cells? This natural exfoliating effect of shaving cleanses and revitalizes the epidermis, but it can also cause irritation and razor sores. That's why Monsieur Barbier has developed an aftershave with a triple soothing effect that also gives your skin a rejuvenating treatment after every shave! The aftershave provides the skin with valuable moisture, prevents razor burn and irritation and promotes the natural regeneration of the facial skin. The anti-age aftershave consists of 98% ingredients of natural origin. Grape seed oil and macadamia prevent the appearance of razor burn. Hyaluronic acid moisturizes, plumps up the skin and provides a natural anti-aging effect.

How to use

Wash your face with cold water after shaving to tighten the skin and tighten pores. Dry your face with a clean towel and apply the Anti-Age Aftershave. The lotion absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't feel greasy or sticky. If you feel a slight tingling sensation, then the regenerative and skin smoothing effect is already fully at work!

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