Mr Handsome Flüssigseife für Männer
Mr Handsome Handseife mit Duft von Ingwer und geräuchertem Kardamom
Mr Handsome Handseife für Männer
mr handsome handseife für männer mit ingwer und kardamom
Mr Handsome Hand Wash for men


Hand Soap | Ginger & Smoky Cardamom

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✔ Luxurious hand soap with a fancy scent of ginger and smoked cardamom

✔ Produces extra foam, cleans hands thoroughly and protects them from drying out

✔ Generous 490ml pump dispenser bottle for several months of daily hand washing

✔ Certified natural cosmetics with 98% natural ingredients. Vegan and without animal testing. Made in the EU

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Volume: 490 ml

Our hand soap says: To the Romans, if a man was civilized, he washed his hands.

Like so many men in Europe, Mr Handsome must often think of the ancient Roman Empire and its adventures. The level of cleanliness and hygiene in ancient Rome is particularly remarkable. Among Romans, it was considered a sign of civility to wash one's hands before eating. For the time, regular hand washing was a step forward of particular importance, as many meals were eaten with the hands. The dedication on this hand soap is intended to encourage men to wash their hands and to remind them of the wisdom of the ancient Romans, which still enjoys a firm place in European culture today.

Our natural cosmetic hand soap with its timelessly elegant design cleans the hands particularly thoroughly, protects them from drying out and exudes an unusual fragrance aroma with notes of ginger and smoked cardamom. The foaming hand soap produces a voluminous and lush lather for proper soaping and maximum cleanliness after washing hands. An unusual gift for men with a dedication to Ancient Rome.

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Ich bin Jan und der Gründer von MR HANDSOME. Wenn Du Lust hast, ein inhabergeführtes Startup aus Deutschland zu unterstützen, dann bist Du hier genau richtig!

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