Reichhaltige Nachtcreme - MR HANDSOME
Reichhaltige Nachtcreme - MR HANDSOME
Reichhaltige Nachtcreme - MR HANDSOME
Reichhaltige Nachtcreme - MR HANDSOME
Reichhaltige Nachtcreme - MR HANDSOME
Reichhaltige Nachtcreme - MR HANDSOME


Rich Night Cream

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ecocert cosmos natural zertifizierte naturkosmetik


Die Vorteile der Mr Handsome Nachtcreme für die Haut

✔ Supports the regeneration processes of the skin during sleep and achieves deep revitalization

✔ Richly moisturizes the skin and develops an effective anti-wrinkle effect

✔ Certified natural night cream for men with 100% ingredients of natural origin and 21% ingredients from organic farming

✔ Vegan and fragrance-free formulation. Made in EU

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Volume: 50 ml

Suitable for: Provides benefits for all skin types

Area of application: Facial care over night

Your skin regenerates particularly well during sleep and you can support these processes with our rich night cream for men. Our night cream is particularly suitable for dry and dehydrated skin types who are looking for intensive moisturizing care and want to give their skin an extra dose of nutrients while they sleep. Our night cream with antioxidant properties supports the natural regeneration of the skin and protects it from harmful environmental influences as well as free radicals. The skin feels elastic-soft and the appearance of signs of fatigue, such as fine lines and wrinkles, is reduced.

The selected ingredients of our night cream for men include extracts of Scandinavian cloudberry, shea butter and argan oil. Scandinavian cloudberries are a real anti-aging power ingredient and provide the skin with abundant vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Cloudberries contain many unsaturated fatty acids, protect the skin from environmental influences, moisturize and make the skin feel supple. Shea butter has a particularly moisturizing effect and promotes an even and elastic complexion. Argan oil has a sebum-regulating and nourishing effect, so that our night cream can also be a good choice for oily skin types to specifically support nightly regeneration processes of the skin.

How to use

Before going to bed, massage an approximately almond-sized amount of the night cream onto cleansed face and leave to work overnight.

mr handsome gründer jan-niclas weiglein

Meet the founder

Lust auf Startup?

Ich bin Jan und der Gründer von MR HANDSOME. Wenn Du Lust hast, ein inhabergeführtes Startup aus Deutschland zu unterstützen, dann bist Du hier genau richtig!

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