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The Shamrock Saint | Limited Edition

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✔ Limited edition for Saint Patrick's Day with extra soft skin feel

✔ With silk, honey and goat's milk

✔ Smells like a masculine version of Lemon and Lime

✔ Handmade in the soap kitchen of The Black Stuff in Ireland

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Volume: 150g

Scent: A masculine lemon and lime

The Shamrock Saint is an extremely soft and nourishing soap with goat's milk, tussah silk and honey. The Shamrock Saint, together with its companion soap "What's Yer Poison", tells the true story of St Patrick.

Both soaps take the same origin and are based on vetiver essential oil, which has a strong masculine scent with hints of earthiness, smoke and freshly cut grass. It is easy to imagine that Ireland smelled like this over a thousand years ago. Despite having a common base, the two soaps take completely different directions. The Shamrock Saint has a super soft and silky skin feel, while "Whats Yer Poison" is decidedly rough and exfoliating.

Related and similar, yet diametrically opposed, both soaps tell the story of St Patrick's Day. The Shamrock Saint symbolises the Catholics of Ireland, the other soap embodies the nature heaths. For this is the true story of St Patrick, the shepherd (goat's milk) who became a saint (silk). The snakes (activated charcoal) he drove out of Ireland were in fact the indigenous natural heaths he converted.

The Shamrock Saint smells of lemon, lime and related essential oils (lemongrass and bergamot), which perfectly complement the deeper, more masculine vetiver scent that forms the base. A long inhalation reveals the slight sharpness and smokiness of the vetiver, which lingers longer than the citrusy top notes. Together

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