Tonsor & Cie. Haarwasser | Hair Tonic - Tonsor & Cie.
Tonsor & Cie. Haarwasser | Hair Tonic - Tonsor & Cie.
Tonsor & Cie. Haarwasser | Hair Tonic - Tonsor & Cie.
Tonsor & Cie. Haarwasser | Hair Tonic - Tonsor & Cie.

Tonsor & Cie.

Tonsor & Cie. Hair Tonic

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✔ Hair tonic for men with soothing and stimulating properties for the scalp

✔ Noble vintage bottle with screw cap and timeless retro design

✔ Subtle and refreshing citrus scent

✔ Vegan recipe. Artisan produced in the South of France

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Volume: 200 ml

Area of application: Scalp care (after shampooing)

The hair tonic with a southern French citrus scent by Tonsor & Cie comes in an extremely noble vintage bottle and enhances every bathroom as a stylish design element. The Hair Tonic is an essential treatment for men's hair with an exclusive recipe to refresh and cleanse the scalp. The authentic hair tonic is made in the traditional way by artisans in the South of France and is inspired by classic hair lotions to soothe the scalp and hair and improve their appearance and fullness. This high quality scalp lotion has been deliberately formulated without oil and therefore does not cause a greasy feeling on the scalp. This tonic lotion leaves hair feeling fresh, delicately scented and promotes good scalp resilience and vitality, so you can style your hair more easily every morning and worry less about scalp problems.

How to apply

The hair tonic can be applied daily to dry or slightly damp hair. Apply a dash of hair tonic to the scalp and massage gently. At the same time you can give yourself a scalp massage or - even better - just ask your partner for a scalp massage.

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